Searching for pre roll tubes suppliers in Alaska look no further: The Pre Roll tube, also known as a doob tube, is a plastic joint tube made specifically for holding a variety of products such as joints, blunts, and custom cones

pre roll tubes Suppliers in Alaska

Pre-Roll Tubes – Wholesale in Alaska

The Pre Roll tube, also known as a doob tube, is a plastic joint tube made specifically for holding a variety of products such as joints, blunts, custom cones, and even vape oil carts. Each pre-roll tube is able to hold one to multiple pre-rolls per container depending on the size. These tubes come in colors that are opaque so the contents are hidden or translucent so you’re able to see the contents within. Many of our tubes are also US 16 CFR 1700.20 Certified, Compliant with many State Laws, as well as in regulation with FDA standards. Our EcoLite pre-roll tubes are compatible with our SST Shrink Sleeve Machine and we can provide custom shrink sleeve label design services.

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Made in the USA – Factory Direct – Bulk Quantities in Alaska

Our pop top pre-roll tubes are industry standard, state-compliant, and US 16 CFR 1700.20 Certified certified. We also follow FDA standards so you know our containers are 100% safe to use. Our pop-top tube plastic packaging is also made to be child-resistant. All while being compliant with these standards, our tubes keep your pre-rolls protected and fresh. They are also odor-proof and recyclable. All of the CoolJarz™ packaging products are Made in The USA by none other than ourselves.

This means you are buying factory direct made right here in Southern California with no middleman. CoolJarz™ is able to beat prices from abroad because of our efficiency in creating products. Get fast lead times on pre-roll tubes that are in stock when choosing CoolJarz™. We have affordable shipping rates through USPS, FedEx, and Worldwide Express Freight and you know you’re getting your products as soon as possible.

Brand Your Pre Roll Tubes Like A Professional – pre roll tubes Alaska

If you were thinking of branding your containers with a custom or generic label you may need the CoolJarz™ SST shrink sleeve label machine. The CoolJarz™ SST is a portable take on the room-sized steam tunnels often used with shrink sleeve labels, but only needs 4 square feet of space to operate. With the SST label machine, you can apply a full-body label to each of your containers in less than one second. It’s very simple to use; there is no recalibrating the SST, just turn it on and start dropping tubes in. Still, using sticker labels? Shrink sleeve labels wrap around the entire tube and have a built-in tamper-evident perforation so you won’t have to apply one separately.

Our package bundle includes everything you need to label your containers. It includes our SST shrink sleeve machine, a laptop computer with a printer and software installed to print out batch-specific compliance text, a thermal ribbon, and a sleeve stand. Tamper-evident custom shrink sleeve labels for your packaging. Get a full coverage custom design label for your containers. Brand each of your products with your logo and design. No need to be a designer, we have a design team that will work with you to get your brand on your products. Every straight-wall Ecolite pre-roll tube is compatible with a corresponding steam head for this machine.

Custom Shrink Sleeve Labels Alaska

Get custom-designed shrink sleeve labels for your pre-roll tubes. This means you can get your labels just how you want them, designed by yourself or one of our talented graphic designers. No graphic design experience is required, but if you’d like that control, we have templates for each of our Ecolite tubes so you see exactly how your label will look on your tubes.


Why You Should Use Pre-Roll Tubes

How do you use preroll tubes

Preroll tubes are child-resistant, opaque, and convenient for taking along. They keep your herbs fresher for longer. And they’re easy to carry! Here are some reasons you should use them:

Pre-roll tubes are child-resistant

While it’s true that most pre-roll tubes are child-resistant, there are some exceptions to this rule. Some products are designed to be child-resistant, while others are not. The ASTM standards require testing of products in which 100 children under the age of five attempts to open them. To pass, a product must be unable to be opened by eighty-five percent of those tested. However, some products do meet the minimum requirements.

They are opaque

You might wonder whether pre-roll tubes are opaque or clear. In fact, there are some differences between the two. To put it simply, the opaque ones have higher nicotine content. They’re also more attractive than the clear ones. They come in a variety of colors and are made to be child-resistant. Whether you choose the opaque ones or the clear ones is up to you, but there’s really no need to worry!

They keep joints fresh

Pre-roll tubes have a lot of advantages, from ensuring that your joints stay fresh for a long time to reducing the time it takes to roll and store your joints. Many of the traditional storage methods for joints include Ziploc bags. While these bags are airtight, they do not protect your joints from physical pressure or moisture. Because they’re made of plastic, they will eventually degrade and lose their potent smell and taste. However, they do keep your joints fresh if you store them in your home.

They are easy to transport

The sleek, lightweight design of pre-roll joints makes them the perfect travel companion for a day at the office or on the road. They are easy to carry, stow away in a purse or backpack, and can be arranged in any upright position. And because they are odor-proof, they are convenient to have on hand. So, what are the benefits of pre-roll tubes? Here are a few things you should know before investing in one.

They help achieve compliance

Pre-roll tubes help to achieve compliance by allowing for easy label application. They are often tamper-evident thanks to a shrink sleeve label. This allows for greater branding space than sticker labeling, and it is easier to remove the paper sticker than to turn the cap. Shrink sleeves also add an extra barrier to keep air out, ensuring the pre-roll stays fresh longer.

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